Part 1 – Scoble’s SMBOR has it wrong

Scoble  and friends think we need a Bill of Rights for the social web. According to Joseph Smarr’s post on the matter, users should demand ownership, control, and freedom of movement of their personal information from any social site they use. There’s no question that the specter of Big Brother looms large in the world of social media, and that’s a potentially scary notion. So it seems reasonable that we should stand up and let it be known that we simply won’t stand for shadowy powers stealing our virtual identities for nefarious purposes. But therein lies the rub. The Great Oz is not hiding behind the curtain, so to speak. There is no snooping, or mining, or invasion of privacy going on. I would think this is simply stating the obvious, but one voluntarily gives information to social sites, and there’s an implicit bargain made that the site might just use that info to make a buck off you. After all, you get some type of value by using their site, don’t you?My point therefore is we are not entitled to the kinds of “rights” a Scoble would like us to have. His SMBOR is a non-starter. Using social media is engaging in a business transaction, not unlike the kind you participate in by using your credit card. You tell marketers all the time where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re into, and who you’re with. If you don’t like it, then don’t use social media and cut up your credit cards. You have choice in the matter.

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